We Did it! Spellbearers is Fully Funded on Kickstarter!

Our new game project “Spellbearers” is fully funded and it’s all thanks to our wonderful Backers!

There will be a chance for people who are interested in backing “Spellbearers” but didn’t get the chance to do so through Paypal! We will provide the information soon on how you can still receive rewards from our Kickstarter and “Spellbearers” under the discounted Kickstarter price!

Mission Statement:

Create. Communicate. Collaborate.

Whim Independent Studios is an independent game development company. Established in 2012 by three friends, we have grown into an international team of designers, programmers, artists, musicians, and voice actors.

We currently produce games on many different game engines.

Our Vision:

Whim Independent Studios prides itself on providing challenging and rewarding experiences to individuals committed to developing truly excellent gaming experiences.

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