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Whim Indie Sketches Game Pitch Application

What is it?
Whim Indie Sketches is a program to pitch a new project to the Whim Indie Studio team.

Who could fill out an application?
Current indie developers and full team members that have a game they would want to develop with Whim Indie as a full game are invited to fill out this application alongside a Game Design Document and send it to us.

If approved, you will be invited to pitch your game to Whim Indie Administration as a presentation in-person or over video conference call.

(For a comprehensive game design document template, we recommend the game design document by Nikkona downloadable for free.)

What if my application and pitch gets approved?
If Whim Indie Administration approves the game, we will develop it alongside our current projects and release it under our “Whim Indie Sketches” program. If it can clear 250 downloads/purchases within the first year or 1000+ downloads throughout its lifetime for the full game total among all different distribution platforms combined, it will be promoted from a sketch to a full game for the company.

When is the estimated/expected implementation of this program?
The program is now available.

Disclaimer: Whim Indie Administration reserves the right to approve or deny any application and/or pitch.

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